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I can usually achieve what I want if I work hard for it.
In my personal relationships, the other person usually has more control than I do.
By taking an active part in political and social affairs, we the people can influence world events.
Once I make plans, I am almost certain to make them work.
I have no trouble making and keeping friends.
The average citizen can have an influence on government decisions.
I prefer games involving some luck over games requiring pure skill.
I'm not good at guiding the course of a conversation with several others.
It is difficult for us to have much control over the things politicians do in office.
I can learn almost anything if I set my mind to it.
I can usually develop a personal relationship with someone I find appealing.
Bad economic conditions are caused by world events that are beyond our control.
My major accomplishments are entirely due to my hard work and ability.
I can usually steer a conversation toward the topics I want to talk about.
With enough effort we can wipe out political corruption.
I usually do not set goals because I have a hard time following through on them.
When I need assistance with something, I often find it difficult to get others to help.
One of the major reasons we have wars is because people don't take enough interest in politics.
Bad luck has sometimes prevented me from achieving things.
If there's someone I want to meet, I can usually arrange it.
There is nothing we, as consumers, can do to keep the cost of living from going higher.
Almost anything is possible for me if I really want it.
I often find it hard to get my point of view across to others.
It is impossible to have any real influence over what big businesses do.
Most of what happens in my career is beyond my control.
In attempting to smooth over a disagreement, I sometimes make it worse.
I prefer to concentrate my energy on other things rather than on solving the world's problems.
I find it pointless to keep working on something that's too difficult for me.
I find it easy to play an important part in most group situations.
In the long run, we the voters are responsible for bad government on a national as well as a local level.